About Aileron

Aileron Therapeutics, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a biopharmaceutical company developing and advancing a revolutionary class of drugs called Stapled Peptides. The company's proprietary Stapled Peptides platform is a breakthrough approach to creating drugs for highly sought after biological targets using its novel peptide stabilizing technologies. Aileron's Stapled Peptides have demonstrated their unique ability to penetrate cells throughout the body and modulate intracellular and extracellular protein-protein interactions, critical control points for most human diseases. The ability to target and regulate these control points affords the unique opportunity to exploit potentially thousands of well characterized, yet currently "undruggable" cellular targets with applications in all human diseases.

The Aileron technology works by locking peptides into their biologically active shape, mimicking the structures found in nature, and ultimately endows the peptide with unique and beneficial drug-like properties, including efficient cell penetration, high affinity binding to large target protein surfaces, specificity, and excellent stability within the body.

Leading the Development of a New Class of Drugs: Stapled Peptide Therapeutics

Aileron has assembled an exceptional team of scientific and business experts with a long track record of building successful, innovative companies. The Company is financed by an unprecedented syndicate of four pharmaceutical venture funds and leading venture capital investors, allowing Aileron to build a pipeline of exciting new drug candidates initially targeting cancer, infectious disease, metabolic disease and immune/inflammatory diseases.

As the pioneer in this field, Aileron has significantly advanced the science of Stapled Peptides well beyond its academic beginnings. Protected by a broad and comprehensive patent estate covering all aspects of the development and commercialization of the Stapled Peptide technology and its applications, the Company has successfully developed extensive Stapled Peptide libraries as well as invented methods of design, manufacturing, testing and formulation necessary to advance this new class of drug candidates.

Aileron is currently developing a broad array of Stapled Peptides within its own internal drug discovery programs and also through a collaboration with Roche encompassing up to five specific, high-interest targets.