Therapeutic Programs

Aileron is developing a broad and growing pipeline of Stapled Peptide drugs across a range of therapeutic areas, including cancer, endocrine and metabolic diseases, and inflammation.

In the first half of 2013, Aileron initiated the clinical investigation of our wholly-owned and internally-discovered Stapled Peptide drug candidate, ALRN-5281, a long-acting growth-hormone-releasing hormone agonist for treating orphan endocrine disorders, including adult growth hormone deficiency and HIV lipodystrophy, as well as broader patient populations involving a wide variety of metabolic/endocrine diseases. The ALRN-5281 Phase 1 study marked the first-ever Stapled Peptide clinical trial. In addition, Aileron is advancing our lead oncology program − a highly potent, full re-activator of the p53 pathway − with the potential to deliver superior efficacy and safety in a broad spectrum of solid and hematological malignancies. The development candidate is scheduled to enter clinical trials, both as monotherapy and in combination with other cancer treatments, starting in 2014.