Aileron is the clinical-stage leader in the field of stapled peptide therapeutics for cancers and other diseases.

Our lead product candidate, ALRN-6924, which is being evaluated in multiple clinical trials, reactivates p53-mediated tumor suppression by targeting both of the primary p53 suppressor proteins MDMX and MDM2. The p53 protein, often referred to as the “guardian of the genome,” is known for its central role in preventing cancer initiation and progression, and its inactivation is essential for the formation of virtually all cancers. We believe that ALRN-6924 is the first and only product candidate in clinical development that can inhibit both MDMX and MDM2, which we believe, based on published data and our preliminary clinical results, are equally important in restoring p53 function as the body’s first line of defense against cancer.

Based on preclinical data and preliminary evidence of safety and anti-tumor activity in our ongoing clinical trials, we believe there may be a significant opportunity to develop ALRN-6924 as a monotherapy or combination therapy for a wide variety of solid and liquid tumors.

Our goal is to develop first-in-class molecules, like ALRN-6924, using our stapled peptide platform which enables us to chemically stabilize and improve the performance and activity of a broad range of alpha-helical peptides. We believe that stapled peptides can potentially activate and inhibit key cellular functions that are otherwise difficult to target with existing drug technologies, including small molecules and monoclonal antibodies. 

We believe our proprietary stapled peptide therapeutics have the potential to become a major class of drugs for oncology and other therapeutic areas, and may significantly improve treatment paradigms and clinical outcomes for patients.